The reference meters/standards of Errakal are calibrated by/at accredited laboratories. The Accreditation Council (RvA) assesses institutions, its methods and the expertise of the staff at the relevant accreditation standard. Part of this assessment is also attending the activities to be accredited in practice. This can include seeing the execution of testing procedures in the laboratory and attending the ISO 9001 audits.

In addition, the Accreditation Council aims to ensure that the accreditations are not only nationally but also globally accepted and honoured. For requests or consultation about acceptance of accreditations from other accredited institutions, the Accreditation Council will always take as a starting point, that the accreditations must be of equivalent quality. This quality level is verified by means of international comparisons.


The common belief is that Accreditation Council calibration is inherent in ISO certification. However, this is not a law but an obligation which can be imposed just like the ISO certification. Errakal believes that traceability to an Accreditation Council traceable reference meter is sufficient for the measurement of its customers. If desired all instruments can be calibrated under Accreditation Council certification.